Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello From Home!

Hello!! I'm so happy being here at my home sweet home!! Since for me, home does not mean only my parents' house with my family members but also my circumstances here around Tangerang-Jakarta with my life, friends and the people surround.

Okay, let me begin with my amazing experience of going back home from Melbourne. Definitely, I had such a great experience as my flight to come back home was cancelled. That was a very miserable moment when I saw the big board at the airport which said that "GA 717 Melbourne-Jakarta: CANCELLED". I just can stop walking and kept thinking that I would have another way to go to Jakarta, whatever it should be. However, sadly, the officer said that I had to stay in Melbourne and should wait for the next flight, which was on the next two days. My oh my! The first thought that came on my mind was... Disappointed! Because I was so excited to come home but I had to wait again for two days?! NOO!! Since I have packed all my stuff and told everyone that I'll be home on Monday, 25 October 2010 at 13.20 WIB but all of the excitements should be postponed?? NOOOO!!! The officer asked me to choose either Wednesday or Thursday flight, but I could not say anything at that moment. Then he gave me time to think and I was begging to have another flight to Jakarta if possible. I went back to him twice to ask the same question, 'is there any other flight to Jakarta?' but he said no, all flight were busy (I'm sure it was just a trick, to minimize passengers who were willing to get another flight). By a bit forcing him, I luckily got Qantas flight to Jakarta! They transferred me to Qantas without any other charge. Yippiey!! *tears* and for your information, there is no direct Melbourne-Jakarta flight by Qantas, so I should take the domestic flight to Sydney first and continued with the international flight to Jakarta. It was a bit more tiring, as a direct flight by Garuda will only take 5 hours and 30 minutes, but by Qantas, I had to spend 11 hours on board. Fortunately, I flew home with three new friends, big hug and thanks to Tante Mira, Ismail and Amelia. I had a great time with you all!! I had a sweet, nice, unforgettable experience and talks with them!
Finally I arrived home at 20.00 WIB. So grateful for that!

So, all I have done within these three weeks at home are all exciting! I'm happy, by meeting my family and friends, with lots of laugh and love! Moreover, FOOD!! I'm so happy with Indonesian food!

I love my country, though since I touched down Jakarta, disasters came around. I was welcomed by flood and traffic on my arrival, but luckily, because I live in Tangerang so I should not go through the most horrible traffic jam on that Monday as many Jakartans spent like four hours and more to arrive home. Besides, on the next day, tsunami and erruption occured in Mentawai and Merapi. Disasters happened at the very same time, and I believe that Indonesia should pass these all and be tougher than today.

Anyway, just updating what I normally do in my everyday life, hmm I cannot say that I have nothing to do but everything runs well (let me tell you the other story on the next post later about what I did lately :p). I love my today's life on this 'holiday' (is it holiday or what? haha) with the activities I love so much.

I love love love being home!!

Kacamata gitta sees happiness through her family and friends! Love her home!