Monday, May 24, 2010

Smiling by everyone's smile

Oh! It is May already. Surprisingly, it is almost the end of May. I have passed 11 weeks and 5 days in this quite place. :) Time flies. Many things happened and the most interesting is meeting different people from different cultures.

Indeed, meeting many people, talk to them and share our different cultures is amazing. Though there was some people annoying, :p but I love watching them and learn something from it. Otherwise, all of them, as a new sight for me, I can say that they do colouring my days.

Let me introduce them. My housemates, they came from Thailand, USA, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and one Indonesian, my beloved sister. My first classmates are Vietnamesse, Thai, Colombian, Sri Lankan, Arabian and most of them are Chinese. Moreover, my second classmates are similar as the first but one Taiwanese. Oh, my teachers, they are Australian, Mauritian and Irish.

It is only a few weeks I have been here and met them but more or less I can start learning about the real cross culture. Hopefully. :p I start learning how to understand and tolerate to their customs and importantly building good communication among us, improving our English as well.

Everyday, I meet everyone, say Hi to them, give a smile, have some talks, get into laughter, though miscommunication happens sometimes but overall, it is enjoyable.

Hmm.. Seems like I have enjoyed every moment in here, doesn't it? Yes, exactly. Although this is my start to build something, and I am still trying to adjust to it, but everything should be all right. I believe that everything is good and created to be good as long as we see anything by its goodness.

Kacamata gitta feels their smiles are colouring her days.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why should I find any problem?

I am now going crazy in finding one problem to finish my task. Fiuh. Yes, it is true that it could improve my way of thinking but now I feel like too much thinking and have nowhere to go.

Problem, in reality, it happens though we are not looking for it. We sometimes try hard to throw away them. In contrast, now I am trying hard to search for 'just' one problem. Just one problem, actually, to become a topic of the task. But, I have no idea either it is too difficult to find or in fact, my intelligence is on a low level.

Hey, I have to submit my topic by tomorrow and at this time, I have not decided anything yet.

I am sleepy now. No idea.

Kacamata gitta has no idea.