Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Three Months

Happy three months! :)

By today, I've officially lived this town for three months and I feel that Burwood's (the suburb of Melbourne where I live) breeze is truly enjoyable. I remember the first time I came here, it was March 4th, 2010, and at that time, I felt this place was very strange. I was not able to move my body and mind freely, although I still tried to enjoy every step that I should go through. Anyway, by passing these three wonderful months, now I've experienced a great time here. I can sense my big smiles came up and some delightful laugh stick around here.
Everything has been all right.

Three months, are not enough for me to see, feel, learn and try to love this new environs, not just about this new place, but the atmosphere, the culture, the language and the people as well. These three months are the new beginning of my upcoming life. Fortunately, after three months, now I can smile brightly and be optimistic to face the future by this sort of smile. :)

Like a girl who tries to approach a boy, this is how I've tried to move toward this new way of life. I'm still on my way to love every new thing and attempt to grow and learn by it.

I know that everything does not carry out as simple as we can say, still, I believe that when we start something with "enjoyable" sights, hopefully everything will be felt good though it seems worse than we thought before.

Many things are learned, some weird feelings were passed, now it's time for the sunshine to fully brighten up my onward days.

Go, see and learn.

Kacamata gitta is fully optimistic.