Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clean Up Things

Have a trouble? Hassle in mind? Worries, inconvenient feeling, anything disturbs you. I would say that those feelings regularly come to me. It might be "PMS", yes it is. But to me, sometimes it happens not that normal, in other words; too much. :p

However, today's experience told me that cleaning up my room does make me happy, it lowered my worries or anything bothered my brain and heart.

After I wondered so long... Haha! *exaggerating* I found an inspiration. :p The idea is about doing clean up my things as well as clean up my brain and heart.

This is the secret:
1. Manage things on my desk, arrange the books, bottles, boxes, anything neatly, put those in the appropriate place and see... when everything is compacted, I can have more spaces to place another thing. In other words, more blank spaces we have, more freely we live. It could be the same as my brain, when I manage my 'things' on it, arrange it and importantly give more free spaces, I believe that I can see everything brighter.

2. Vacuum the dust and I can breath better. Right in here, I normally vacuum my room once a week. So, I have no idea why if it hasn't been vacuumed for more than a week, I sense like I step on a dusty sandy floor. Though I sometimes can stand for it if I'm too lazy to vacuum my room, but after all, I cannot go out of my bad bad mood. It does happen. :D *I'm a moody person probably* What I'm saying is, 'vacuum the things' out of my brain or heart it helps to breath better. Breath better as I can live better. Get up and have some fresh air.

3. Decorate my room and filling it in with some new adorable things. For some reasons, I don't have many interesting decorations in my room but I'd try with simple things. Simply, I love my 'undressed' Milo can for putting all my pens, pencil, scissors and many stuffs in. I love my coins bottle, my calendar and my 'words' board with the encouraging words inside and some messages from my lovely friends (plus the study timetable haha!). That such simple thing does decorate my room. It is similar to what happen in me, my brain, my soul, my life. When I decorate my day with new simple adorable things, it makes me love my life more and more.

It can be concluded that sometimes we do feel everything is wrong, still, it is just the feeling, not the reality, I have to say that 'cleaning it up' would be the best option to be chosen. Yes, it does, but it is not that simple. Thus, we can start solving it by cleaning up our room. :) Must try.

Kacamata gitta is happy after cleaned up her room.